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Daiquiri Factory spikes it’s drinks with stupid.

February 13, 2014

A recently opened bar in Spokane, WA, and with a name like the Daiquiri Factory I use that term loosely, created a drink called ‘Date Grape Koolaid’ to put on their menu. Protests ensued. I’m sure that will be changed as soon as they realize that there is such a thing as bad press. If […]

Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma!

April 30, 2010

The state of Oklahoma has enacted a law whose only purpose is to dissuade women from getting abortions by forcing them to get ultrasounds and another law that protects doctors from being sued if they decide not to tell patients that their fetus has birth defects. The only sane policy regarding abortion was enacted by […]

One giant stupid leap backwards to the 1920’s.

March 24, 2010

During the winter Olympics I discovered that there is no ski jumping event for women in the winter Olympics because the men don’t want to be shown up by women. According to Gian ‘ERA’ Franco Kasper, Skiing Federation President and member of the IOC, there is a medical reason for the disparity. Rachel Maddow put […]

101 reasons to export the anti-rape condom to Bangledesh.

January 26, 2010

A Bangladeshi girl was raped and for the crime of becoming pregnant she has been sentenced to receive 101 lashes. The actual criminal who did the raping has yet to be punished. She has said that she believes she’s been spoiled and wants justice. I can agree with her desire for justice at least. I […]